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GAME: Public Relations and Business Management for Athletes and other Celebrities

GAME: Public Relations and Business Management for Athletes and other Celebrities

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by August 20, 2014 Blog, Info

Being in the limelight 24/7 comes with its own set of obstacles and complications. Being a professional athlete requires you to not only perform your best on the field but also maintain your image outside the game.

Today the fans and the media expect you to be more than just impeccable sportsmen but also be celebrities and role models. Maintaining your positive image is a critical standpoint at GAME and we make certain our public relations department is in constant engagement to make you look good, ever more so. The status our clients have worked hard for comes with focused attention, a single, insignificant movement and it’s the talk of the town. At GAME we rely on our strong public relationship skills, mass-media approach and strategic PR to maintain our client’s reputation both online and offline.

Public Relations and Business Management is not a service routine sports agents provide, this is a service only a professional athlete management company offers. Athletes need to understand how important it is to preserve your pedestal of fame and just how considerable one’s PR team can be.

The PR team at GAME takes complete responsibility for your actions and responds accordingly in a timely manner. We apply our strategic practices to diffuse any igniting situations and avoid future lapses on behalf of our client. We do not alienate the press but speak with honesty and confidence in order to rebuild the public image perhaps after a scandal or a misconception blown out of proportion.

Working in close proximity with our PR team is our team of digital media managers who make certain that under no circumstances your online image is affected or found to be absent. Complete, development and management of your official website, official social media accounts and fan mailing is taken care by our in-house team whereby you need not go to a secondary source for your digital media management.

At GAME we understand just how important your business models are to you; after all an athlete has to think about tomorrow as well. Our business managers take care of your revenue opportunities and tap into potential reserves giving you the extra mileage required long after you have said goodbye to the game.

Arsalan H. Shah, Director to GAME takes care of your business prospects personally and is responsible for securing a viable deal each time. He is on a contact search for such opportunities and delivers only the best ones to you.

With his decade old networking skills, he is able to strike national and international deals and endorsements for our clients and is known to have tapped lucrative reserves previously unidentified and deemed insignificant. Following the gradual expansion of your long term goals as an athlete his main objective is to provide you with frequent and regular intervals of your business standing. And will ensure any necessary steps for its success.

At GAME we take your business very seriously, your investments means our repute on the line as well and we make certain all is done to take it to the next echelon.

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