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Daily Grind: Wasim Akram – Sultan of Swing

Daily Grind: Wasim Akram – Sultan of Swing

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by December 20, 2016 Blog, Info, Interviews

The celebrated cricketer breaks his day down for us. From breakfast with his family, to shooting for his TV show and flying off for a cricket series the next day, the life of this legend sure is action-packed — and like most of Pakistan, we can’t get enough!

06:00 AM

Time to wake up. No matter where I am in the world, I am always up between 6am and 6:30am. I am constantly on the go – one minute I’ll be in the bustling streets of Melbourne and the next minute, the quiet countryside in England. But, whether I’m at a seaside in Australia or in the middle of a jungle in Sri Lanka, I’m a creature of habit, and one thing is for sure: I’m an early riser.

07:00 AM

As soon as I wake up, I can’t wait to see Aiyla. I make sure it is the first thing I do when I’m up and she is always sitting in bed waiting for me, greeting me with the biggest smile. She is the best start to my day! I then wake up Shaniera for our morning run. We get in the car with our iPods and water bottles, and head out for an eight-kilometre run.

09:00 AM

We get back home, shower and then meet for breakfast. Our morning meal usually consists of coconut water, muesli (Shaniera makes her own organic muesli), eggs, toast, keema and a mix of beetroot, carrot and apple juice. We always sit together for breakfast and chat about the day ahead of us over some green tea.

10:00 AM

Today we are doing all of our shopping. Shaniera and I go over what items are needed in the house and we then head out to the shops. I love helping out with the house when I’m home in Karachi.


I’m on my way for my monthly visit at NGents — this is ‘me’ time. Zair is opening earlier for me and meets me at the door with a smile. I get my haircut, a pedicure and a shave. I really enjoy going to NGents as they are very professional and know exactly how I like my hair.

02:00 PM

I meet Shaniera and the kids at home for lunch. Today we are having roast chicken with Shaniera’s rosemary and garlic-roasted potatoes as per the children’s request. With this we also have a big green salad, and of course some daal chawal.

03:00 PM

When I am on holiday, I always take an afternoon nap. Even if I don’t sleep, I still rest for an hour by reading or just lying down and listening to music.

04:00 PM

Off to the gym! Today my son Tahmoor is accompanying me.

06:00 PM

I’m going to a fitting for a commercial I am filming tomorrow. This is something I do often these days. My designer is Sahaib & Farhan, and they are so good at their job! I don’t tell them what is needed — they come up with the best ideas themselves. The style they usually choose is modern, edgy and unique. They are going to be a huge deal, real soon.

07:00 PM

I just came back from a meeting to see the final cut of an episode of my show, The Sportsman, which recently launched. I’m super excited about being a part of this show, and really hope you all enjoy it!

08:00 PM

I surprise Shaniera with a big bouquet of flowers. She loves surprises and loves flowers even more. It’s been a great start to a fantastic evening.

09:00 PM

We say goodnight to Aiyla and the children, and head out to a friend’s house before dinner. We normally eat around 8:30pm, but tonight is our good friend Rameez’s birthday, so we are meeting him a little later in the night.

10:00 PM

We arrive at our favourite restaurant, Okra, and meet our friends. Tonight I’m having my favourite dish, the ‘Red Snapper’. I’m so hungry!

12:00 AM

We are heading home, and ready to sleep. Tomorrow I am flying off for a series. I hope we win this one! Good night everyone.



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