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At GAME we also specialize in building sports/media PR in the industry. We offer very exclusive and genius public relations services for our clients which range from all around the world participating in major sporting events. Our experience combined with our efficiency has made us very popular amongst some of the major companies providingPR services.

Unlike the olden days today’s major sports/media personalities men and women alike live under the constant glare of the media. Due to this factor the need for a professional PR management and media management service is a must have. And this is where GAME comes in. Our uniqueness of interacting with our clients and getting them what they desire makes us the most sought after company by professional athletes.

We are here to protect your reputation along with developing you an exclusive image of yourselves. These are some of the sports PR services we provide;

  • Reactive and pro-active PR
  • Targeted publicity (we work with you to maximize PR strategies)
  • Crisis management
  • Image protection and image enhancing

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