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Dreams and ambitions are great, but a person, especially, sportsmen/media  faces needs to set goals and achieve them. You set a goal, get all hyped up and then, nothing! When setting goals, take care to set goals over which you have as much control as possible.

If you have several personal and career goals, give each goal a priority. This will help to direct your energies and attention to achieving the most important ones in their order of priority. If you select a precise goal, put in dates, time and amounts so that achievement can be measured. This will give you the satisfaction of achieving goals in the specified time period.

Keep the goals you are working upon limited and achievable. Incremental goals derived from larger goals give more opportunities for fulfillment.

When setting personal and career goals, take into account all factors, such as inaccurate judgment, injury, bad weather, the performance of other athletes/celebrities, or even bad luck. Outcome based goals are vulnerable to factors beyond your control. Goals kept to personal performance target or skills can be achieved, because you can control your achievements. The achievement will give you satisfaction and self confidence.

Before you start your personal and career goals setting, it is important that you understand your commitment to the sport, consider the level you want to reach within the sport, know where and how this will fit into your overall life, and have the necessary skills and the level of performance that is needed.

Setting personal and career goals is a skill that comes with practice. You can set goals that are a bit high, but not so high that the chances of achieving them are practically impossible. No goal is impossible, but when setting goals take into account resources at your disposal, including everything.

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