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GAME: Professional Contract Negotiations for Athletes and other Celebrities

GAME: Professional Contract Negotiations for Athletes and other Celebrities

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by September 30, 2014 Info

Are you an athlete signing a new campaign?

Or perhaps endorsing an international brand?

Have you gone through over your contract? Is your signing amount exactly what you need?

Think again.

Unfortunately athletes and celebrities are unable to realize their true potential and often sell themselves short. Brands and services eager to associate themselves to your sparkling image will offer you a quote that is if not always but often less than what is evenhanded.

At Global Athlete Management Experts (GAME) we harbor expertise in not only contract construction but also national and international negotiations for our clients.

We undertake the responsibility for crafting a contract that brings prolific results for both the parties. As a brand we give them the privileged limelight that comes with your name and as a celebrity we make certain maximum and positive exposure for you before, during and after the campaign.

Taking time with each and every clause, we secure your image, your involvement in the deal as well as its outcome in the long run. We make sure the client is happy with her/her standing within contract bindings and is not under duress for any kind of commitment.

After a thorough construction of the contract, we bring in the client and the concerned party (brand/service) together, and come to a decision on mutual grounds for relevant but complex points. From here, we work on the negotiations on behalf of our client, however keeping the concerned third party open to viable options.

At GAME we will never sell your brand name short, we will make things happen and make sure you get the exact figure you desire and deserve. Arsalan H. Shah, Director to GAME, oversees contract negotiations himself and promises the best deal in the industry.

Welcome to Global Athlete Management Experts (GAME), Pakistan’s leading Sports and Athlete Management company where we watch over your interests on and off the field.

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