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GAME: Online and Offline Content Management for Athletes and other Celebrities

GAME: Online and Offline Content Management for Athletes and other Celebrities

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by September 1, 2014 Blog, Info

Are you online?

This is the most common question asked to celebrities and athletes around the world.

And the answer is simple. Yes. And if not then you need Global Athlete Management Experts (GAME).

Unlike other sports agents in the country, GAME exercises its unparallel power over the Internet and other publications whereby giving you the right kind of limelight at all times. Our team makes certain that your fans are able to find you easily across all platforms and are able to access quality and exclusive content.

This digital age expects more from an athlete other than just performing in the field and this is where our team of content managers and our publicists come into play. We start with your official website, and then bring into the picture your social media accounts and end somewhere between your new image and fan mailing. This is just a gist of the services we provide to our clients signed exclusively with us.

We understand that when it comes to digital content management there is always room for improvement and our dynamic industry requires us to be constantly engaged in emerging technologies and ultimately provide our clients with a global presence. You are under constant evaluation and at GAME we believe you should only be concerned with your performance during your match and the rest is our problem. We have developed ideal PR habits and we apply them on a regular basis to give you optimum and positive public interest.

We take care of your press releases, official and unofficial statements, social accounts and offline publications hand in hand whilst dealing with your already well-established repute across fans and media likewise. A few words have the ability to make or break your image and our publicists take well into account what is at stakes before clicking the ‘send’ button.

We tell you exactly what to say, when to say and how to say it, to reap its maximum potential and give you a spotless image. At GAME we take care of your social media podiums professionally and display only that leads to good brand image, increased marketability and earnings substantially over the course of your career. We understand the difference between a PR opportunity and a good PR opportunity and thus are able to present to you with the option you can focus on.

We take complete advantage of the rising social media boom and engage your fans under one community, connecting their icon (you) and communicating when and if necessary. We take care of all content that goes out under your name around the world and shape it for your fans to follow and respect for years to come.

We undertake responsibilities for your photoshoots, appearances, press conferences, endorsement deals, contract negotiations etc. Publicists at GAME will bring you constant exposure to weekend profiling opportunities, breakfast television producers and many more, underneath one roof.

If you are looking for a one-stop-solution to content management and publicity needs, you have come to the right place.

Welcome to Global Athlete Management Experts (GAME), Pakistan’s leading Sports PR firm.

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