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GAME: Career and Future Planning for Athletes and other Celebrities

GAME: Career and Future Planning for Athletes and other Celebrities

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by October 15, 2014 Blog, Info

Was your last deal a 6 figure sum or a 7 figure sum?

Were you able to co-relate your star power to the brand you just endorsed?

Where do you plan to invest your earnings from your last successful campaign?

These are just a few of the many questions that go answered for an athlete while he/she has been trying to perform better on field. As you craft a career for yourself, reality becomes condescending and on many occasions you are unable to gear yourself for the unexpected.

At Global Athlete Management Experts (GAME), our team of experienced and enthusiastic business managers, publicists, content designers and assistants are responsible for defining your career goals as well as shape your future as per your prerequisites and star image.

Professional athletes are expected to strike a balance between training, matches and performance schedule to congregate sponsorships that are essential to building your profile in the industry. Performing inside the field can take most of your time, and acquiring sponsors and generating revenues seems nearly unfeasible.

At GAME, we relive you of such anxiety and hunt down all the best possibilities for you to uptake outside the field. From speaking engagements to public appearances, from training camps to social work, we design your schedule and make sure your family time is not affected during the entire term.

We offer our clients exclusive athlete website development and maintenance, social media guidance, and sponsorship development strategies that are able to limit future precariousness. Our team aims to reform your portfolio according to the image you hope to end your career with. At the end of each term, we sit down with our client and discuss in much detail investment opportunities, partnerships and signings that hold potential for the client and his/her hard-earned money.

If you are an athlete or perhaps a celebrity who decides to sign with Global Athlete Management Experts (GAME), you will be provided with:

– Contract Negotiation
– Training Preparation
– Nutrition Counseling
– Financial Planning
– Post-Career Counseling
– Investment Analysis
– Media Training
– Legal Services
– Event Planning
– Day-to-Day Services
– Charity & Philanthropy
– Public Relations
– Athlete Marketing
– Internet Marketing
– Endorsements
– Memorabilia
– Appearances
– Speaking Engagements
– Autograph Sessions
– Licensing
– Sponsorships
– Publishing Opportunities

Welcome to Global Athlete Management Experts (GAME), Pakistan’s leading Sports and Athlete Management company, harboring individuals who hold expertise and wits to exposing our athletes to the corporate world.

Arsalan H. Shah – Athlete and Celebrity Business/Media Manager
Ifrah Waqar – Athlete and Celebrity Publicist

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