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Endorsement Negotiation

To secure the future and get compensation on the basis of marketing strategies are just two of the fields of expertise GAME excels in. If we claim to serve athletes in the best possible manner we make profound efforts to implement them. Our clients due to their busy schedule rely upon us for the endorsements that bring the opportunity of supplemental income as a result of relationships build with top brass executives of the time. We believe in obtaining as much as endorsements as we can for our client’s future along with necessary compensations.

The whole process of getting endorsement is done upon effective negotiations which requires efficacy of interpersonal skills. TeamGAME is composed of people with highly professional skills whom are able to prepare and train their clients to approach prestigious equipment manufacturing firms, in and out of the field. Our highly trusted marketing policies allow us to assist clients to take the major decisions. GAME protects client’s public image to bolster the value and earn potential amount time to time.

Athletes/Celebrities have an unbreakable connection with media and fans throughout the world that engage them in various events. May it be an exhibition, a speaking engagement or any product endorsement at national or international level, we ensure to negotiate those engagements undertaking your preferences. The whole process of trust can be carried out upon communication and clarity between GAME and our clients. We work to preserve your ambitions maintaining the transparency!

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