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The web presence or more sophistically called an ‘e-identity’ is the new ‘IT’ thing. Internet, in the last few decades, has gained unprecedented domination over other kinds of communication modes. You want new information? Want to research something? Find out what’s hot, what’s not? You go to the internet.

Proper e-identity management makes you a part of people’s everyday lives and makes you available for them which works greatly towards your popularity and recognition. As a cutting-edge athlete/celebrity management company, GAME is fully aware of it and places immense importance in creating official websites for its athletes, which, on one hand gives the world a ready access to them, and on the other hand, offers them a channel, through which they can share authentic news and information about their life and sports/events with their fans and friends alike. These official websites, or e-identities, become a source of first-hand information about these celebrities, and act as a correspondent on their behalf.

At GAME, we also encourage our athletes/celebrities to be a part of social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. whichever they feel most comfortable with and which has the hugest potential for instant access and recognition.

Today’s world is all about internet, and if they can’t find you there, chances are, they’d stop looking altogether. And with GAME, we give them an official URL to click when they type your name on the address bar!

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