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Global Athlete Management Experts’ (GAME) aims to help gifted athletes achieve their maximum potential and enhance their financial potential. The reliability and professionalism at GAME provides the resources to talented athletes to successfully realize their goals.

GAME offers wide-ranging services, where every characteristic is considered to enhance athletes’ performance and upgrade their talent. Services for competition planning and management, contract negotiations, marketing and promotion, coaching, financial, medical and all other matters are tackled with long-term strategic solutions.

An athlete’s career is based upon the potential he possesses as well as the devoted management that represents him/her. GAME takes charge of providing services to athletes during their professional career and afterward.

Our team promises to ensure financial security to our clients by using the right means. To take the transition step by step, avoiding impediments is what every athlete searches for. Our reliable contacts with top rated companies of press/electronic media and entertainment can give the perfect space to a client to practice his/her talent and secure a significant potential amount at the same time. This includes corporate engagements, sponsorship programs, event promotions and much more. GAME save contacts for their clients and with time sustains their worth within many sectors.

GAME adopts a unique approach with each client to create a meaningful, long term partnership. Following is a short over-view of services we offer:


· Professional Contract Negotiations
· Contract Construction and Review
· Strategic PR
· Online Presence and Digital Media
· Brand Endorsements
· Media and Event Appearances
· Marketing and Finance Planning
· Career and Future Planning


Our mission is to establish direct and transparent approach to athlete management and create commercial prospects for our signed clients (athletes) whereby they can invest their time and energy on their game.

The GAME team feels proud in assisting athletes to succeed both on and off the field. Regardless of how far they go with their careers, they are assured of a comfortable future beyond the sporting field.

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